Yo my good friends, I’m here with another CSS for beginners tutorial. And in the lesson we’re going to learn all about the nth-of-type pseudo classes! Nth of type classes are a great fall-back option when you just can’t get nth-child to work, because they disregard elements that are not of the type you are targeting. Anyway, have fun, peace & keep coding :).


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  1. Sorry if is a Noob question, but when you do the article: nth-child(2), it has to show the second article below the offers link, isn't?

  2. The nth child example doesn't make sense to me. The second child of the <article> tag would be the first <p> in all the articles? How do you get to the second child of the <div> tag when there is no mention of <div>?

  3. Good day sensei!
    Could you please make a tutorial on before and after pseudo classes with some cool examples ? Also a tutorial on understanding when to use negative margin/padding would be a great additional for noobs like myself. Thank you in advance.


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