Hey my good friends, in this CSS tutorial for beginners we’re going to dive head-first into the font-size property. The font-size property in CSS, believe it or not, controls how large the font displays in a browser.

We can control font size either via absolute or relative measurements, and we’ll cover both types in this video. Absolute font sizes are immutable (unless overridden later in the CSS), whereas relative font sizes are determined largely by the base font size they inherit.

For my video on CSS inheritance, check out

Anyway, peace out, keep coding & have fun :).


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  1. Problem: Font size is automatically increased on larger screens. How i can fix the font size so that the font size doesn't increase on larger screens.

  2. Why does the font-size of the parent element affect the font size of the child element. I thought you said when selectors go down the cascade it overrides what is on top. Also if you don't give the parent element a font-size what/how does the browser calculate a font-size for the child element.

  3. What about 'vw' and 'vh' font sizes?
    4vw = 4% of viewport width
    6vh = 6% of viewpor height
    Isn't that a better way to precise font-size? Especially in terms of Responsive Web Design?

  4. I really like your videos, very clear and well structured, big thanks…
    I am surely gonna follow the other parts ( Js, JQuery and responsive web) god's welling , please could you do some back-end programming videos ?
    many thanks …


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