Hey ninjas! In this tutorial, we’ll be taking a simple, raw HTML web page and styling it up like it’s 1999. Errr.. or maybe 2015 :). Anyway, everything you see in this video has been covered in this CSS for beginners playlist, so if there’s anything you’re not sure about be sure to check out the earlier video’s!

For the finished files, head over to gitHub @—Bikes-Website and click the ‘download zip’ button.

Have fun :).


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  1. hey ninja! questions:
    1. why did you put class on h2, span and a in id shop?
    2. when do you use margin: 0 auto; and when text-align: center; ?

  2. Sorry if this is a stupid question. When you edited the "wrapper" ID, I was surprised when it worked as there was no ID called "wrapper" instead, it changed the one you labelled "footer-banner"

    What am I missing here? I thought that when you write "'#wrapper" that should only apply to IDs called "wrapper"


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