According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter the WWE already has a plan for the main event for WrestleMania 34. WrestleMania 34 is set to take place April 8 2018 and could get a year build to the main event.

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  1. we don't boo roman riegns becuase it's the cool thing to do, we do it becuase at the very beginning of the horrible push he got he wasnt ready he didn't have the mic skills and it was just all around bad timing. now everyone is just tired of him becuase wwe doesn't need another guy like john cena (besides merchendise sales) to be pushed down our throahts for the next 10 years that would kill the rest of his career. WWE needs to stop fighting it and turn him heel before it's to late and he becomes useless becuase they'll come a time when the boo's from the crowd are to much and vince will just give up on him. I think he should get a strong heel run like Kevin owens and later on down the road turn face then and only then I think the crowd will cheer for him

  2. I have barely seen anyone with his merchandise so I find it hard to believe that he sells that much merch. Unless Vince is the one buying all his merch, I believe that those merchandise sales numbers are made up.

  3. Are you kidding me do you really think that roman shit reings is next john cena.   

    I think he would be next bo dallas

  4. complain complain that's all u guys do an yes he is the #2 merch seller in the company deal with it he's the best pick for the face of the company not Ko he's fat an dosent draw not overrated Finn Balor an Aj styles is to old an Seth is number 2 so everyone else is under that Roman vs Brock is a battle between to longer than life characters but it will happen at sumerslam cause Lesner wnt be champion for a year BELIEVE THAT!!!¬į

  5. basically this is what it all means
    Vince hey Roman bad news you're not going to be MainEventing WrestleMania 33
    Roman I'm ok wet that
    Vince don't worry because you'll be retiring The Undertaker
    Roman vince are you sure the fans are going to
    Vince don't worry what the fans think by the way you're maineventventing next WrestleMania


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