10 Wrestlers Who Desperately Need New Finishers –

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  1. Daniel Bryan should take his long term health into consideration. Fans be damned if he is not capable of being there for the big events in Birdie's life. This is another situation where the WWE Universe needs to let go, and move on.

  2. Well of course WWE will not clear Bryan. Vince wants to push Roman Reigns. If Vince will bring Bryan in the ring, if you think now fans ore booing Roman Reigns, wait to see if Bryan will be back and not get push it, and Roman is.

  3. Yeah, WWE does not care about Bryan's health, or anyone else's for that matter. They won't clear him just because they don't want him to be as over as he undoubtedly will be.

    Claiming anything other than that contradicts everything we know about Vince and everyone in charge. Were they worried about HBK when they let him come back? Or Taker like a thousand times? Angle? No. They do not care about these guys personally and will milk you for all that you're worth. Unless of course you directly conflict with the type of entertainment and politics they push every week.

    Bryan gets in the way of their plans. That's why he probably won't be cleared.

  4. seriously, just stop complaining about HHH holding a main spot, it was a good booking, and it's not like he main event all year. When you over trying to be funny, the video becomes boring. Simon is the only reason I watch, and do these guys even watch wrestling before those 5 left WC?

  5. As much as I would love to see him in action again, I do agree with WWE for putting his health first. He does have a daughter and a wife. If he feels comfortable wrestling in another company, it is his decision. The company who gets him will get a HUGE increase in viewership and live event attendance .

  6. If he is able to wrestle in wwe there are a lot of dream matches but the one I'm most excited for is him vs the Miz! It's been a long time coming and I hope they book it right if it does happen!


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