Dave Meltzer says Bryan’s in-ring return will be the biggest story of the year.

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  1. If daniel bryan returns can yall imagine a daniel bryan vs nakamura or daniel bryan vs finn balor or even better daniel bryan vs aj styles for the wwe championship or even way better a smackdown vs raw between the smackdown gm and raw gm daniel bryan vs kurt angle in an ironman match or submission match

  2. As long as he doesn't do suicide dives through the ropes anymore, I don't see why he shouldn't wrestle again. Cuz that's what messed him up the most in WWE (after years of undiagnosed concussions on the Indy circuit, hitting his neck and head on the barricade repeatedly screwed him up further)

  3. As much as I’d hate to see him leave WWE (bc I’d likely otherwise not watch him) if he doesn’t show any signs of neurological injury and has remained ALL THE WAY OVER despite not wrestling for 2 years…. it’ll be WWE’s loss. He will be a giant at any promotion he goes to.

  4. The doctors had confirmed aproval for daniel to compete even BEFORE the ªretirementª , WWE had to check with their own trusty ªmedical staffª which , suspiciously was the only one to say that he wasnt ready. So , out of the E he can do what he wants finally.

  5. If WWE, the biggest and most profitable wrestling promotion in the world , says he shouldn't wrestle, he shouldn't wrestle. They told Edge and Christian to retire. And so they did. Now they both have kids and aren't wrestling. He needs to enjoy his fatherhood and stop wanting to wrestle. He did his time. Can't change the past. Thank you for all the memories, but I don't wanna see or hear about him dying in the ring and leaving his kid fatherless.

  6. He got cleared by 3 doctors outside of WWE and strangely didn't get cleared by WWE's doctor…..

    Oh I know! It's because they don't want Bryan screwing up Roman Reigns push😡

  7. If Bryan is all about applying his trade and putting on the best matches in the world than NJPW is the clear and obvious winner. It not only contains the best wrestlers in the world without question…but that company has a huge global spotlight on them right now and they clearly let their talent go in the ring.

    The only potential problem is a question of safety and if Bryan could make that style work with his condition.

    Personally I think Bryan should stay retired and not put his health at risk, I feel like this is an unnecessary risk for a man whose accomplished the highest of heights in his career already. But if he wants to ensure even more health problems at a young age and his loved ones support that then it would be morally wrong to deny him.

  8. I personally do not want him to wrestle again. I have a ton of respect for the man but the reason he stopped was because of a lot of concussions; and I really don't want any of us to go through a Chris Benoit incident. (So many concussions that he killed his family)

  9. ROH is missing out so much. Offer CM Punk a contract. Get him on as a heel who calls himself a savior of Honor. And give him a stable let him wreak havoc for a year and a half (against a babyface authority figure) and then in 2019 early the authority figures loses his shit says fine punk you asked for this and bang returns the most popular babyface to save ROH. Bryan Danielson. It is that simple. Book it ROH! Yes it will be an big investment in the beginning but the ratings they'll get would give wwe a heart attack.

  10. Idk if I'm just crazy but if a doctor ever told me if u continue to do this it could lead the irreparable brain damage that could affect u ur entire life and then went to other doctors and said I was fine personally I wouldn't care especially if I have a wife and kid I could give up my life dream if it ment I could be there for my wife and being there for my child I wouldn't risk not being there and I know how that affects people cuz my mother's dad was in the hospital for 10 years in a vegetative state and had to move from hospital to hospital stuff like it its hard for family and friends I don't think chasing a dream is worth potentially losing all that

  11. The NJPW Style is not New for Bryan .He he was in NJPW and Pro Wrestling NOAH ..Bryan is fromer GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion and IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion with Christopher Daniels.

  12. Bryan Danielson is a Founding Father Of ROH He competed in the main event of the company's debut event, The Era of Honor Begins, in a three-way match against Christopher Daniels and Low Ki. Bryan Danielson is a Legend in RING OF HONOR


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