Dean Ambrose injured, Daniel Bryan wants a match with Shinsuke Nakamura and more in this WrestleTalk News Dec. 2017…
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Dean Ambrose injury is real, via PWInsider – on Dean Ambrose injury at WWE Raw –

WWE Raw rewritten for Dean Ambrose injury, via Wrestling Observer Radio –

Shinsuke Nakamura tweets Daniel Bryan after WWE Clash of Champions 2017 –

Daniel Bryan replies to Shinsuke Nakamura –

Shinsuke Nakamura wants Daniel Bryan match –

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  1. MY PREDICTION (almost everybody's prediction): Ambrose is out for 9 months because of a legitimate major injury, so Seth and Jordan had to team for the Tag Team Championship Match. Rollins and Jordan won, correct me if I'm wrong, a few days ago. WWE will try making Reigns a more likeable character. However, I'm sensing that WWE will do the exact same thing to Jordan as what they did to Reigns. They will push Jordan and that will result to more hate. Let's not talk about that. After 9 months, Ambrose returns and makes a huge heel turn. Heel Dean-o is going to dominate the whole WWE. The Shield is most probably not going to last long, because Dean becomes heel. Why would Dean become heel? Two things; If you base it on the storyline, it would be because Rollins suicide dived and that caused Dean's injury & If you base it on the TT Championship Match, it's because Rollins teamed with Jordan so they're the new Tag Team Champions. Rollins and Dean were supposed to be the TT Champions but once he returns, he finds out that Jordan and Rollins has teamed already.

    Heel turn for Ambrose would be amazing. He's a badass, he would be the face of WWE. But that will also lead to some hate, since there are The Shield fans. Remember when Rollins had so much fans, but he sold out so he got more haters? Many want Ambrose to turn heel though. However, did you see the reaction of the WWE universe when they reunited? If The Shield implodes again and if Ambrose is the reason why, I already have no wonders why he will get BOOs and haters.

    MY OPINION: Ambrose as heel? Damn, that would be amazing. He would rule the whole WWE and he will be the man standing tall. I'm sure that he will earn more titles and championships if he turns heel, plus I'm also sure that those championship reigns will last long. WWE has to push Ambrose, they have to give him the opportunity to keep the titles.

    If my (our) predictions happen, I would be more than glad. But that also means WWE is too predictable.

  2. Oh come on it's Dean Ambrose were talking about, legs, necks, ribs, shoulders, arm or qarm quarm whatever it is it won't matter to him because every time he's injured he stole a freakin ambulance like he's good as new, so don't worry about him.

    IJK. Get well soon Dean


    Does anyone actually care though? It'll do away with that very poor excuse for a Shield return and maybe free up Rollins to get back to where he should be on the card.


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