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  1. I'm loving the defiant championship the Women's Championship looks pretty cool and the Tag Team Championships look badass but I haven't seen the hardcore championship I need to see what that looks like I know the internet Championship is pretty cool

  2. I love this show. It has great wrestlers and matches. SO it's getting an up!
    but the backstage segments does not have enough lighting so it's getting a down!

    this is KAMENxRANGER and this has been ups and downs!
    tininininining * ups and down music plays

  3. Anyone want to discuss the show?
    My take on this show (SPOILER ALERT)

    – Loving Wade Barret as GM, He so charismatic and intense and unlike that legendary-wrestler-only-smiling RAW GM, Stu Bennet has character and personality.
    – Improve your audio please and what about the third headset so guest commentator doesn't need to take the headset from others lol
    – Personally not liking Brooke dominating the tag match. Make the Prestige looked like fools and make his tag partner felt not that important. And why not Travis Banks comes earlier to even the odd? On a side note, David Starr is a fun character which I can't wait to see his weekly shenanigan
    – The bald guy promo very bland and lacks intensity
    – Digging the cultist Jesus storyline and nice robe lol
    – Hard to ignore the resemblance between Little Miss Roxy and Little Miss Bliss. At this rate, she felt like discount miss bliss
    – KAY LEE RAY IS AWESOME. Intense character, fun personality, know how to works the crowd, great selling, and even greater moveset. Cant help but imagining her versus Sasha.
    – What about name banner in every interview promo? I think a lot of us are new to discover Defiant, and a simple things like name can help us connect to wrestler
    – Great fun main event match. Always love tornado tag team match. All competitor has great offensive move and fun enough as a character.

    All in all, a great wrestling show with nice pacing, good enough storyline, and lot of interesting characters.
    3,5/5 will recommend it to wrestling fans.

  4. 23:40, fighting champion? she's defended the belt what, two or three times in 6 months?! (29:14 awesome counter to that submission)
    43:38, it was actually at the request of the CHALLENGERS that this is a hardcore match, coffey said it in his promo with gunn last week!

  5. Still think WCPW was a better brand but ya know what Defient keeps improving so I ain't gonna complain.. Just PLEASE change that white belt strap, white and gold is hard to look at. Or maybe that's just me lol.


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