Difference Between Real Wrestling & Fake Wrestling



  1. Bro I am a big fan of UFC and other MMA organisations but when I searched in YouTube that UFC or any other MMA organisation or fake it not in Hindi or Urdu there is no video for that please make a video on it and solve the problem

  2. Finally u found it😨sherlock holmes…hello dude pro wrestling and mma is enterly different,pro wresling need a script that makes a pro wrestling more fun but mma is real fight thats why the fighters are messing up like snakes fight,we fans already know that before 7 years,even wwe announced themselves as a sports entertainment.people must watch mma and wwe or pro wresling different way so u can enjoy both.

  3. I agree to your opinion regarding WWE. It's obviously fake. MMA is the REAL thing. But a little correction might inform you that Grappling a mixture of Brazilian Jiujitsu / Japaneese Jiujitsu, Judo (Japan), Greco Roman Wrestling (Greece), Sambo (Russia) is the REAL form of wrestling which is a part of MMA fighters skills. I would love you to do some research and a video on these.


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