Watch as Discovery Wrestling celebrates 3 years in style!

The full show for free featuring Joe Coffey vs Lewis Girvan, Dalton Castle vs Joe Hendry, Mikey Whiplash vs Rampage Brown plus….Lisa Marie Varon, Matt Riddle and all your Discovery favourites!!

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  1. 7:57 The House of Saynt (Christopher Saynt, Theo Doros and Jayla Dark) vs. Michael Chase, Lou King Sharp and a mystery opponent
    28:29 Aspen Faith vs. Chris Ridgeway
    49:23 Rampage Brown vs. Mikey Whiplash (RECOMMENDED)
    1:07:44 Kings of the North (Bonesaw and Damien Corvin) vs. New Age Kliq (BT Gunn and Chris Renfrew) vs. Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo and Mark Coffey)
    1:26:50 Dalton Castle vs. Joe Coffey
    1:49:55 THE CONCLUSION OF THE RAFFLE! featuring Dave Conrad and the one other person without a match that night.
    2:06:45 Lewis Girvan (c) vs. Joe Coffey, 2 out of 3 Falls match for the Y Division Championship (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

    The whole show is amazing, but I seriously recommend watching Rampage/Whiplash and the main event.


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