We saw this trick on a TV talk show and wondered if it was too good to be true. Do you hate wrestling your duvet and comforter when making the bed?? — check this out!

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  1. WoW I think this video is easier to understand because the photography is better and a different cover color is used. Its easier to figure out the pull it out and un roll it final step. Thank you!

  2. I sew a button on each corner of my duvet ( comforter if you're a Yank) and use a piece of narrow ribbon and sew a loop into each corner of my duvet covers. Once these are attached just shake it and hey presto it's done and stays in place,

  3. This didn't save me any time and I didn't find it to be less work, BUT the end result was much better. My duvet was way more evenly spaced than when I do it the standard way. Basically, how you lay out your uncovered duvet is how it will roll out covered. Much more control. Because of that, this will be my method from now on. (California King)

  4. thank you for this life saver trick; I'll stop finding myself inside the duvet cover trying desperately to match the corners, just to find out that I did it wrong. There is no oxygen in such situation. You rock!

  5. The old way is much better and fast,
    I just put the duvet inside the duvet cover get the two corners hold and flick and that's it takes me 26 seconds and this way with the roll way takes nearly 2 minutes…


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