WWE Hall Of Fame 2018
WWE Hall Of Fame 2018 Predictions
WWE Predictions

We understand it’s a tad early but still not early enough to speculate who will be going into WWE’s Hall Of Fame next year!? Keep in Mind Obvious blacklisted wrestlers will not go in (i.e Owen Hart Etc.)

We did not cover the Warrior Award as it’s normally an achievement given outside of wrestling but we look at the main categories:

– 6 WWE Inductees (+ Managers)
– 1 Celebrity
– 1 (2) Tag Team
– 1 Legacy




  1. I would do an induction of the Hart Foundation which would get Owen, Jim, Davey, and Brian Pillman all in one swoop. Martel is long overdue and Tito Santana should be his presenter. Eric Bischoff is another guy who is overdue for induction and Hulk Hogan would be the perfect one to induct him, that would pave the way for Hulk back into WWE

  2. Jim Cornette isn't going into the Hall of Fame. He explained on one of his podcasts why, but basically, if you're heading into the HoF you need to sign some contracts that allows WWE to use your likeness and make you appear wherever they desire wherever they desire, which Cornette considers bullshit.

  3. My HOF picks
    either Jim Cornette or Paul Heyman
    the Dudley Boyz
    Rob Van Dam or Tommy Dreamer
    Torrie Wilson
    Andy Kaufman (celebrity wing) Honestly if we are going to waste a spot with a celebrity then it needs to be Andy Kaufman the guy that first started having celebrities go into wrestling

  4. If you're counting The Great Muta, then Lou Thesz should count also, few facts about Thesz: He debuted in 1932 and won his 1st Heavyweight belt in 1937. He won NWA belt in 1948 and lost it in 1956, IMO he was original Bruno Sammartino.


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