0:09 I notice you do high volume and low volume in the same week. Will I see the same type of gains if I do this with a push/pull routine on a weekly basis?
1:13 I literally cannot grip more than 2 plates on the neck curl, how can I work around this and maximize my neck gains?
2:16 Should rows to the face be a part of your training?
3:12 Alex, for someone who’s been injured and out the gym for nearly a year- What do you suggest to do to get gains back ASAP? Strength is that of a late intermediate at my peak
4:28 Should you start with concurrent periodization even if you are a new lifter
5:28 Alex, I’ve been bodybuilding for 3 years (I’ve never strength trained). I plateud last month and am looking to get stronger to get bigger. I can only bench 225 for 1 rep. If I run your novice program will I lose size? Or what program would you recommend for me to do?
6:46 At what lifting stage do I transfer from general training to specificity of training?  What I mean is, when should I stop aiming to increase my main lifts (Bench, Deadlift, Pull-up, Squat, OHP) and instead run a program that is dedicated to one exercise (like Bench for instance). Do I do this as soon as I turn intermediate, or wait a while after doing so? Thanks.
8:21 Hi Alex, have you ever tried Olympic weightlifting ? Dow you think you can combine true powerlifting and this sport ?
9:42 On Naturally Enhanced, do I use the same exercises on the volume and intensity day? Or are they different
10:40 Would it be detrimental to sub out back squats/box squats for heavy Bulgarian split squats?
11:54 Just out of curiosity, what do you think would happen if a guy on gear ran NE or did rack pulls above the knee?
14:16 Can Henry Cavill’s physique be obtainable through your NE program?
14:59 Hey Alpha, what do you think of the JM press?
15:39 Hey Alex, can you swim? or do you think someone from a swimming background who then attained bear mode status still swim?
18:01 Will you do a video on arm wrestling?

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DISCLAIMER: I give general fitness advice, I am NOT a medical professional. All claims are based off my knowledge and education. Always consult a physician before starting any exercise program.



  1. I was a competitive swimmer, I swam the quickest when I was a lightweight. I weighted 68kg swimming 100m fly in 62 seconds. When I weighed 75kg I swam 1.06.5.
    I was lucky and kept my strength when I lost the weight, I just lost the excess muscle.

  2. Hey Alex I'm running NE and I do two forearm movemonets, a normal curl and a wrist curl. When I do wrist curls do I need to do palms up and down or is one wrist curl variation enough?

  3. Alex, I'm taking your novice program and have been noticing some great gains, but I'm almost always super sore by the time I need to do the next workout. I eat a lot of good quality food and get plenty of sleep, but the soreness remains. Should I skip the exercises that work the sore muscles, or just do the workout as normal regardless of soreness? Also, how do I fix this? Thanks.

  4. How can I increase strength and endurance of my grip? I assist in surgeries and sometimes I have to hold and pull retractors for hours in a fixed position. My hands would shake and I would lose grip. Thanks

  5. I've been high bar squatting for about 1 year now. I run a push pull legs and I sometimes do volume or intensity days using high bar squats. I took about 5 days off from the gym and when i returned to squat my knees began hurting every rep (more at the bottom) Why did this happen and how can I fix it? Thank you

  6. Hey Alex, I remember that somewhere you said that neck curls can help forward head posture.
    It is true that the muscle that takes your head back is actually located at the front of the cervical spine, but it's action is to tuck the chin backwards, which is different to neck curls and operates through resistance in the reverse direction (same direction as neck extension). wouldn't it be preferable to have the resistance pulling on your head forward and doing chin tucks to fix forward head posture?

  7. Hey Alex. I'm planning on doing a road trip in Iceland next year and was hoping to find some lifting stones while I was there (particularly the Husafell stone). I want to be able to lift them, but have no access stones, so would you recommend exercises like Zercher deadlifts and Zercher holds to prepare for the lifting stones? Do you have any exercise recommendations? Thanks!

  8. Hey Alex, I train fasted in the morning and have a big breakfast after, oatmeal and eggs. The problem is, I feel really sleepy afterwards. Is it due to the amount of high carbs from the oats? How do I combat this without taking out the oats? Thanks!

  9. I have a question: I spent the first 5-6 months of lifting doing Starting Strength (3×5 and 1×5 for deadlifts) only managing to work out 2 days a week due to my job. These are my numbers that I can achieve for 3×5 and 1×5 for deadlifts: Bench: 70kg
    OHP: 52.5kg
    Squat: 112.5kg
    Deadlift: 120kg
    I was thinking of starting to 531 due to time as well as falling ill preventing me from completing a cycle as well as the fact my gym was not 24/7 till now. However this has changed and I have way more time and I am more efficient in the gym. Should I run the Novice program with upper body focus? If so how should I approach getting back in and with what starting weights? Keep up the good work dude.

  10. Body fat is buoyant, but you do not have enough to balance out your muscle. I would suggest trying it again in a wet suit designed for pool use but I do not know if you could even find one in size bear mode other than getting one custom made.

  11. While the muscle you have gained from lifting does make you more likely to sink, fat is buoyant and will help you float. You just don't have enough body fat to really balance out with all the muscle you have gained. I might suggest that you try swimming in a wet suit designed for pool use to help keep you afloat, just don't get a thick mm suit if the pool is heated.

  12. Hi alpha
    Can you give some intermideate strengh standards for the devopment of the lats,delts,arms , you said that when you reach 225B,315S,405D you will have 70%-80% of your gains but that obviously doesnt include the whole body.
    Also if i can bench 200×4 reps hiw much do you think will be a difference between my size now and my size when i will bench 225×5

  13. Should i do warmups for back before deadlifting/squatting? If so, what kind. I do alot of band warmups for shoulders before benching but im bit afraid neglecting back warmups could lead to probems/injuries in long run.

  14. How can I do linear progression on your Novice program if the lowest plates in my weight 2.5 kgs?
    I do bench instead of floor press, squats instead of box squats and deadlift instead of trap bar deadlift (my gym doesn't have a trap bar)

  15. i run bulgarian (bugenhagen style) so squat every day bench/dead every other day. is this a minimalist programme? how much of a minimalist programme? i know eric himself does like two other workouts a day but i expect not to gain all that much size running this programme


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