This was a crazy idea for a short film back in September 2011. And it was supposed to be finished quick and easy too… Well, eventually it turned to be pretty hard one to make. 7 half-days of shooting, countless hours of editing (I lost count, really).

Made with Canon 1D4 + 70-200/2.8 and 17-40/4 lens.

Hope you like it!



  1. It was a fun and entertaining video!!! Has the Wrestler who is the one beating everyone considered a road trip…like to Chicago…to do a video there as you can use me in a YouTube video in Chicago as I would like to take my chances against that Wrestler!!! And don't worry!!! No one's name will be mentioned, because what happens in Chicago stays in Chicago!!!

  2. This entire short could be seen as a boy's perceived journey through life, wrestling with the progressing stages of manhood and aging until at last he faces the ultimate opponent—death. A match he doesn't win.


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