Finally! Whatsapp now supports GIFs
Finally! Whatsapp now supports GIFs

Supports Immediately Whatsapp for iOS also animated GIFs. The Android version of the app is to receive soon the function also.

Whatsapp Finally Whatsapp now supports GIFs

Finally! Whatsapp now supports GIFs!  What worked with the Facebook messenger already longer, now also Whatsapp users to delight: The iOS version of the Whatsapp supports now animated GIFs.

Whatsapp not only supports the display of animated images, but you can also convert videos that are shorter than seven seconds to GIFs. Also live photos you have taken with the iPhone 6s or iPhone 7, can be sent as GIF. It is even better: If you do not have a suitable GIF at hand, you can also use the new search function for GIFs. The results come from the GIF databases Giphy and tenor.

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Whatsapp: Rudimentary processing for GIFs is also on board

After selecting a GIF, you can choose to shorten it, draw something on it, or add text or emojis. So you can easily personalize the animated clips. Facebook does not just want the Messenger, but also Whatsapp to expand some Snapchat-like features. Whatsapp for Android to get timely GIF function also.



Animated GIFs are an integral part of the web.

The bitmap format GIF was especially popular at the beginning of the web era, because at that time was no alternative just for animations. Over the past decade, the format, though technically overhauled, has been a veritable comeback in the web culture. Meanwhile, GIF has even entered the English language as a noun and as a verb.



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