Searching for themes can become a pain. We will show you a trick how you can simplify the whole process and find your favorite theme faster.

Not every project has a huge budget, and yet a solution must be found to implement the website on the road. Of course it can also be a private project, which must be implemented quickly and can not cause any external costs. There are several ways how a theme now makes exact meaning. But you should be directly in the way of compromise, since there will never be a finished theme, which will perfectly cover all requirements and requirements.

Marketplaces for themes are huge and unclear

Most of the time, the search starts on a theme marketplace, which is equipped with a wide range of filters to quickly lead us to the destination. Unfortunately the filters and settings are often not enough or we still find the right theme after the 100th page. In the following we have to visit another Theme Marketplace and revert all settings. We scurry through the new UI and can only hope that the right theme is. Many theme marketplaces also show no screenshots, but only beautiful pictures, which should lure the users. A quick overview is unfortunately not possible and it usually takes a lot of time.

The website bestofthemes wants to change that now. Conclude with advertising images, confusing pages, bad filters and a lot of time. Of course, bestofthemes can not guarantee that we will find a theme, but it provides a clean, comprehensive listing of high quality themes from different sources and marketplaces. The big advantage: The themes are displayed directly with screenshots, without having to waste another click. Especially in the routine you will not want to miss the concept and the idea quickly.


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Basically, we can search with keywords, but of course also with filters the search again. It is possible to distinguish between type, platform, tags or required dependencies. Not only WordPress or HTML themes are offered but also Drupal, Magento, mail themes and many more. If we have run the Instant Search, we will get a clean overview of all the themes and also directly see the corresponding screenshots. With another click we can go to the demo or you can buy the theme directly from the respective marketplace.

In addition to the normal overview, there are the collections that include selected themes for certain areas – for example, for lawyers. Who must often search for themes, wants the platform bestofthemes not want to miss so quickly. We wish you much success with the next search!

Which theme market places do you often buy?


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