Fingerprint scanner for the Galaxy S8 will be shipped under the display glass from next year. The Samsung Galaxy S8 could be the first smartphone with this technology.

Fingerprint scanner for the Galaxy S8

Synaptics Natural ID: New fingerprint scanner for the Galaxy S8?

The US touchpad and software vendor Synaptics has on Tuesday introduced new fingerprint scanner , which detects through the protective glass of smartphone displays fingerprints. This technology makes it possible to build smartphones and tablets starting next year without hardware home buttons or additional fingerprint reader omissions.

The FS9100 Natural ID Scanner offers smartphone manufacturers new freedom in designing their devices. The display glass does not require interruptions in the future and can thus fill the entire front.

Synaptics Natural ID: The fingerprint scanner works even in wet conditions

According to Synaptics, the high-resolution scanning process works through glass of up to one millimeter thick. The manufacturer emphasizes that the scanner may also be used under 2.5D glass. It is not a problem to install it, for example, on the front side of the lower part of the display frame.

In contrast to the previous solutions, the fingerprint reader can also be used with wet fingers. Thanks to the glass surface, it is also protected against scratches and other external adversities. It should be protected even against electrostatic discharges.

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What smartphone manufacturer the new technology first to plug into its smartphones, was not revealed by Synaptics. Given that Samsung has often been supplied in the past by Synaptics with sensors that could, for example. Samsung Galaxy S8 be one of the first devices with the new Fingerabrucksensor. Last rumored to the Galaxy S8 be coated with a glass front – the distinctive home button, the fingerprint sensor was previously housed, should disappear underneath. Apple is supposed to design a similar design for the iPhone 8, by the way, the necessary touch-ID fingerprint reader probably comes from Authentec. Apple has taken over the manufacturer of security hardware 2012 itself.


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