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Britannia Wrestling Promotions returned to The Dome, Liverpool Grand Central on Friday evening April 14th 2017 in what turned out to be one of the most memorable nights of pro-wrestling, ever held in Liverpool!

Featuring the instant classic between Bubblegum and ‘Japanese Sensation’ Pyro, the hard hitting clash between ‘Smash Mouth’ Chris Ridgeway and ‘100% Welsh Beef’ Dylan Roberts… and the FINAL ENCOUNTER between ‘The North’s Heel’ Joey Hayes and ‘Delicious’ Danny Hope with one of the craziest endings in BWP history!

This entire event was so newsworthy and had so many amazing moments, that as a special gesture of thanks to YOU, the BWP Faithful, we have decided to release it, one time only, COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE!

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Drunk Commentary *Adults only*
Intoxicated, offensive and 100% unscripted, watch BWP Superstars run wild on commentary as censorship (and decency) fly out the window!

For Episode 3, Max Davies goes solo (with a little input as always from the production crew) as he wrangles with Jay Lethal vs Dylan Roberts, the fated Wrestler vs Boxer match from DTHB6, ”WWE vs WOS”, the tragic Max Davies Incident of 2016 and watch Max go temporarily insane as The Brand go head to head with team BWP!


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