Remember when The Undertaker battled Jeff Hardy in a Ladder Match? It’s one of the best Raw matches ever!



  1. Jeff Hardy did real good. He's a lucky man. He got WWE title shots when he didn't do anything to get them. I am Jeff Hardy's #1 fan, he is one superstar who is the best WWE had. They got rid of him when he was their best superstar.

  2. the great thing about being in character is not overdoing things. i feel like in matches today competitors give each other too much credit with the way they battle and sportsmanship always showin i feel like those occasions should be fewer and further between

  3. 초3 때 손 들어주는거 보고 제프하디 팬 됬는데 지금 보니 거의 동정에 가깝네..남들보다 내가 태생적으로 감정적이었단걸 오늘에야 알았네..경기 리딩하고 기본기,레슬링을 하는건 언더테이커고 제프하디는 그걸 서포트해주고 데코레이션 해주는 역할이었네.


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