For the first time in history, nine Superstars duke it out in a no-holds-barred, three-team brawl inside the WarGames cage: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.
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  1. Hart against DDP, alright, DDP obv team WCW. Uhh, so Bret Hart is teaming up with Stevie Ray, cause Lex Luger attacks him and he's part of Wolfpac. Wait, Stevie Ray helps Hogan beat up Hart? Hogan is already quite immobile at this stage. Security comes down to break the match up? It's No DQ surely? Crowd absolutely does not gaf. Wow. This was horseshit back then and it was horseshit right now. What a complete clusterfuck of zany twists and turns. I'm left needing for my body to carry out a transmission guaranteeing mental harm because remembering any part of this nightmare would be worse than shocking yourself in the balls.

  2. Now this was wrestling….not that bullcrap WWE air nowadays. Especially that stupid women's division…
    Let's hope NJPW, CZW, RoH and other indies get some strong financial leverage to seriously compete with WWE.


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