FULL MATCH: History is made as the WWE United Kingdom​ Championship is defended in ICW! Bruiserweight Pete Dunne​ defends against Trent Seven, B.T. Gunn​ and Wolfgang​ at sold out ICW: Shugs Hoose Party 4

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  1. Pete Dunne is an amazing athlete, and one hell of a wrestler. He's gonna be an amazing champion, and an amazing superstar when HHH takes over. This match was pretty okay. The commentators had to cover for BT Gunn a few times, but I don't like criticizing these guys because their all infinitely more talented than I am.

  2. My god that F'N bootleg "Tommy End" Chant got F'N ANNOYING REEEEAAL FAST! Whats so great about "B-T B-T B-T F'N GUNN"?? He seems like just an OK Wrestler at best! He's preeeetty F'N small & seems like a Striker- who's strikes arent very good… His Superkicks SUCK- they're 6 inches OFF! ALL 5-10 of them too & I wouldn't be soooo critical of the guy if it wasnt for these "Non-WWE' Marks! Im GLAD the Bruiserweight pinned em!

  3. CAN I just say, I love Pete Dunne, he's such an old school villain, plus he can wrestle his ass off, that match he has with Tyler Bates at Takover Chicago was a straight up classic

    Coming from an American, you brits have some damn good wrestlers



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