FULL SHOW: Nearly 2 Hours. Tommy Dreamer vs Lance Hoyt, Colt Cabana vs Raj Singh (Jinder Mahal), 3-Way Women’s Title Match, Hernandez, Snitsky, Joey Ryan, Ray Rowe and much more!

This event was NOT produced by Title Match Wrestling. We are posting this will permission from Clutch City Productions & Lone Star Championship Wrestling. Original production by Rezolution Media.

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00:01 Joey Ryan vs Cherry Ramons
10:23 4-Way Tag Team Title Match
28:39 Colt Cabana vs Raj Singh
44:57 Ivelisse vs Barbi Hayden vs Kenzie Sykes
53:17 John Saxon vs Ricky Starks
1:10:39 Snitsky vs Houston Carson
1:15:51 Ray Rowe & Hernandez vs Shane Taylor & Keith Lee
1:34:30 Tommy Dreamer vs Lance Hoyt

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  1. I've heard if Colt had known what Lone Stars previous name was and by that meaning of course who runs the company HE WOULD HAVE NOT worked the show. not sure its true but I personally like Chris what little interaction I've had with him.

  2. The Empire should not have won the Tag Titles.  The wrong guy was pinned he wasn't the legal man.  Am I only 1 who picked up on that?

    Colt Cobana is fun to watch.   WWE really dropped the ball on that Scotty Goldman crap….Anyone remember that trainwreck?

    Man these guys really have to put on a show.  That's what you got to do to keep the fans into it…

    Who doesn't love Snitsky?

    Hernandez…what can you say about Hernandez?  They didn't call him Super Mex for nothing.   These refs don't care about rules….I can't count how many times I saw the teams which legal men during that Hernandez match 

    Is that Lance Hoyt?

    That little kid Chop…that was awesome…The other kid's Slap was even better.   Nice little touch…


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