Hey gang, in this git & github tutorial I’ll introduce you to what GitHub is, and how you can use it to store remote repositories. I’ll also show you how to clone remote repositories to your local environment.

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  1. This whole tutorial really helped me a lot in too many ways. I really had to thank you. It's actually my first time to even write a comment on youtube.

  2. Great tutorial.
    One question does come to mind.
    I tried pushing part of one of my sites up to github, but I want to exclude the database-config.php file for obvious reasons. I'd also like to exclude some heavy media directories as well.
    I tried setting up a .gitignore file, and did the -rm cache thing.
    However, even after creating a new branch and pushing from there I still wind up with the whole kitchen sink, instead of the one little applet.

  3. Thanks for the videos! genuinely excited for the next ones.

    I have a couple of questions that may or may not be covered in future videos:

    how do I stop the cmd line asking for my github username and password each time I push my repository?

    how does saving work when I have cloned someone elses repository, and want to reupload these files to my own repository (for example. not sure if that made sense)? for example I have cloned a javascript workshop repository and if I push it to a remote repository, wouldn't it just be trying to upload my version to the other person's online repo?


  4. Just want to say thank you for the great tutorials. I even took a course in udemy to get basic understandings of git but you have explained it really well and made things a lot more clear to me. I really enjoy your enthusiasm and speaking style when doing the tutorials as it is precise and quick and not boring. I look forward to going over your other contents as I am currently studying web development and a complete noob.

  5. thanks so much for the git series. was always looking out for information on this subject. you're illustrative approach in explaining obscure concepts is second to none. thanks v much, Shaun.


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