Hey ninjas, in this Git & GitHub tutorial I want to show you how you can fork a repository to your own GitHub account. You’d typically do this if you wanted to contribute to some kind of open source project.

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  1. Hey, dude. I knew I must learn this someday, but can't find any good for me.
    You give such a good explanation about git and github for beginners. I really appreciate that.
    I do want share this to my classmate. Can I make the Chinese subtitle for this series. (I'm not quite good in English but I can try.)

  2. Thank you! Finally I've learned how to use Git. Earlier it was confusing for me how to use it. I hope one day I will be also improving my webdeveloping skills and using your tutorials

  3. I hope you continue this series. You do great work.

    I'm dealing with a repo where I pushed two successive commits from the same branch and the first one was wrong so I tried to adjust. I ended up mistakenly rebasing from the wrong origin and now I've wrecked my repo had to start a new one. 😀

  4. Hi Shaun, thanks again for this excellent tutorial! The 'good' with a strange accent sounded German to me. (I'm from Holland.) Will try to fork your playlist to add awesomeness to your 'crap website'. 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for this, all the other tutorials I've seen tend to rush through without explaining why each element is actually useful


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