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  1. not worth it. most of tna's good years can be found on youtube or dailymotion. and the newer product isnt worth shit. lets not forget they alienated all their fans in 2005 that theres no one left to subscribe lol

  2. why did you waste your money I don't see what you are getting from this, you can watch impact on TV and as it pertains to the ckassic and indy shows do they have permission to show it like who would give permission for tna to show their show on tnas crappy version of the wwe network its a waste and I would suggest that people wait till its fully stabilised

  3. They really can't do anything right! From 2004 to 2008 this company was killing it. Then they became more and more incompetent to the point maybe it's better TNA just dies. There are plenty of promotions out there that would love to fill the void.


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