This video is already online but that is because some shmuck from India took it from one of my previous channels & uploaded it to his. This is the original & slightly better quality version. I’m fond of this video as it contains many elements that made me become fan of this genre in the first place & that are sorely lacking in todays product. What do I like specifically about this video? Stone Cold Steve Austin’s mannerisms/facial expression put over Batista like a million bucks who BTW looks MASSIVE & intimidating. Goldberg’s sick chairshot to Mark Henry. JR’s passionate commentary. The RAW – pun intended – testosterone fuelled presentation of the show. Goldberg’s fantastic sell job when Batista broke his ankle. The BIG fight feel. Believable LARGER THAN LIFE alpha male HEAVYWEIGHTS colliding!



  1. What a fucking powerhouse Goldberg is especially to be able to military press a 318 pound over his head and slam him into the mat that is truly terrifying strength 😱 😱 someone who can military press slam a 318 pound man isn’t someone to be messed with

  2. If I were to call 2003 an era, I would call it the powerhouse era. Batista, Goldberg, Austin, Lesnar, Kane, Undertaker, Triple H, nothing but pure powerhouses and a whole lotta awesomeness!

  3. When I was a kid I always wanted them to meet each other. I use to get them mixed up, some guy use to where a shirt with a picture of Goldberg and I say wow stone cold then he tell me who he is, have a shirt with stone cold Steve Austin and then I said look at Goldberg then he say no that stone cold lol

  4. wow….those were the days….nostalgic….sadly nowadays it has become more of a comedy show….no players are there of such a carisma as that of Goldberg…….what a fighter….miss those days when I use to watch it with my Freind on his house and discuss the results next day in school 🙁


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