Some of these logos are a little tricky because i used some wrestlers that are not around anymore and i don’t know if you still know the wrestlers if you have a good memory than you will probable get almost everything right but have fun and make sure you subscribe to me and share this video to your friends and neighbors remember this video is for fun and if your bored you can watch some of my videos and im sure you’ll probable like this video in the comment section below me you can comment what wwe video or any other kind of video tell me what videos do you guys want me to make??? this is a SPOILER ALERT so if your going to read the rest of this , this is a SPOILER ALERT 1. JOHN CENA LOGO 2.DEAN AMBROSE LOGO 3.KEVIN OWENS LOGO 4.CHRIS JERICHO LOGO 5. DOLPH ZIGGLER LOGO 6. SHEAMUS LOGO 7. EDGE LOGO 8. NEW DAY LOGO 9. UNDERTAKER LOGO 10. CODY RHODES LOGO 11. BRAY WYATT LOGO 12. BIG SHOW’S LOGO…




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