Lots of people who don’t watch wrestling or sports entertainment tend to say, “wrestling is fake.” Mat Elfring explains why you can stop saying that and what the appeal is of this unreal sport.

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  1. I say the exact same thing anytime someone starts acting like a douchebag and proclims it's fake. My answer is always the same, "We know but we don't care. It isn't called "sports entertainment" for nothing.".

  2. I , m a big big WWE fan but i know its scripted and still i m watching .. u said that wrestling fan broke tv,s and comes in aggresion huh thats not happened to me…well by the way every person has its own mind

  3. can everyone just stick with "wrestling is scripted but botches happen" ??

    if not your just trying too get some 12yr too write a novel in the comment section based on how stupid you are. trust me ive delt with it too lmao

  4. biggest example here…..owen hart's death
    he had a choreographed entrance on a rope and he was sliding 100 ft high from the titantron(at least that's how i understand it) to the ring. everything was going great till the rope snapped leading him to his fate, see he took that risk in making a cool entrance he could ever think but sadly died from it.

  5. Kid: Wrestling is Fake

    Me: Yet you watch Dragon Ball Z, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and they are all fake.

    I hate people who say wrestling is fake yet they watch TV Shows. Let us enjoy our show and You enjoy your shows…


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