Compilation of the illegal holds/moves from the National Federation of High School Wrestling Rule book. The purpose is to help educate high school wrestling referees, wrestlers and coaches on safe wrestling. Illegal moves should be identified and prevented where ever possible.



  1. I’ll never forget when a kid put a triangle choke on my as I shot in to take him down. I blacked out right before I would have pushed him to his back and was obviously pinned. He acted like I was lying and being a poor sport and the ref believed him(despite the clear marks on my neck). Turns out he was the backup and the truth came out a few weeks later when I obliterated the starter with a little excessive force and a lot more bad attitude than I would almost ever exhibit on the mat.

  2. Fucking memories of losing like all my match think i was like 3 and 20 ahh but it was fun wow that one hold i no i sucked but fuck that guy was like a python i would of been to the ref wtf you want me to do here im done i he couldnt even tap

  3. 5:50 – this is the reason the figure four Around The Head was made illegal. It's just too much power applied to the neck which led to all kinds of neck / cervical spine injuries. You can see how his neck is being stretched by the lever on his skull. If the neck broke at that angle the spinal cord will be sliced in half and the kid would be a quad if he even survived. It's a gross understatement to say that that wouldn't be a good outcome.

  4. Thanks for the video, I am a BJJ instructor and my son is in high school wrestling. We are trying to figure out what if anything is legal. When my older son wrestled we were at a match where a kid got put to sleep via arm triangle. The kid that did the move, probably didn't know what he was doing, but got away with the win. Apparently, the ref didn't know the rules either.


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