14-1 then i pinned the kid.



  1. im joining wrestling so my friend that made me do it said to look up vids, my parents used to come to all my football games n now to all my wrestling matches n there ganna see me in all those positions

  2. there 106??? they look like there 150 pounds of muscles x( im in the 106 pound class and I don't think I look that big I mean im pretty muscular I can bench press 120 and I weigh only 102 pounds but there huge lookin is that normal 106 high school weight?

  3. if you remember 3 years ago i uploaded a video about my shoulder surgery. my bone came out in a match in 8th grade. had surgery and it just did again 2 matches after this, i am having another surgery in a week and hopefully be back soon enough to get a college to look at me for scholarships


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