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  1. we all knew how how the savage/warrior match turned out afterwards.savage debuted in wcw a few years after.wish they would do a rare wcw version of the warrior.that would be cool.i'd get that.undertaker trying to copy batman?don't remember that one.

  2. So im thinking of starting to collect some wrestling figures. Trying to re capture the youth I guess. Would you say the defining moments series would be the best place to start? Cheers for any responses in advance.

  3. Awesome collection, when it comes to defing moments i have macho man( the newesst) ( I also have Then now and forever Elite Sami Zayn Macho man and Earthquake and typhoon and basic stone cold warrior, neville and sheamus all packaged) I have 20+ unopened elite and 8 battle packs over 25 basic mattel and 6 opened wrestlers a MMa Brock Elite Roman stone cold and rock pack … dean ambrose and dolph ziggler


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