How long does Vyvanse last


How long does Vyvanse

How long does Vyvanse

There are many neuropsychiatric dieseases adult and children everyone is suffering and fighting with this disease. The most common is ADHA. Have you ever heard about ADHD? Now a day several children and adults are suffering from an Attention Defect Disorder in a medical term it is known as Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). This condition is marked as a neuropsychiatric condition, and it affects both adult and children. Some Children have ADHD symptoms have these significant symptoms:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Not good peer relationship
  • Delinquency
  • Substance abuse
  • They have social, emotional and academic problems

The continuance of ADHD from childhood into the adult is usually unpredictable, they symptoms’ of ADHD persist in adult infect it becomes severe. Vyvanse is the first choice of drug in the treatment of ADHD. It is advice to take one capsule daily preferably in the morning to avoid insomnia. Here we have discussed in detail about how long does Vyvanse last in your system.

How long does Vyvanse

How long does Vyvanse


There are drugs which can control the symptoms of ADHD and improve the lifestyle of an individual. The best medicine of choice is Vyvnase, and this drug stimulates the central nervous system. This medicine can also use for the treatment of Binge Eating Disorder. This drug is the first choice of treating ADHD in children above six years of age and adult. The generic name of Vyvnase is Lisdexamfetamine and substitute of amphetamine as we describe that it is a prodrug that stimulates dextroamphetamine used in the treatment of ADHD and Binge Eating Disorder. But the critical point to notice is that how long Vyvanse last in your body and how long Vyvanse takes to kick in the system.

Vyvanse is similar to the drug Adderall, and it is known as the prodrug. What is prodrug? The prodrug is the drug which does not stimulate until it metabolized in a body.  This drug is inactive before the absorption. In short, have you ever think that why doctor prefer Vyvanse our Adderall? The answers are that Vyvanse is less or low abuse than Adderall. But we cannot deny the fact that Vyvanse does have the potential for dependence and addiction.

The dosage of a Vyvanse:

The drug Vyvanse is available as a capsule and tablet and in different strength and dosage, including 70mg, 60mg, 50mg, 40mg, 30mg, 20mg, and 10 mg. There are some off usage of Vyvnase drugs like the treatment of excessive sleepiness in daytime and treatment of depression, but the usage of Vyvanse for this purpose is not FDA approved.

Why prefer Adderall over Vyvanse?

There are two major points which we cannot ignore:

  1. Vyvanse is less abuse than Addrell
  2. Vyvanse has Smoother onset and better absorbent.

Vyvanse regulations:

Vyvanse drugs fall under a Schedule II Controlled substances in the United States. The substances of this category have dependence, high abuse potential and DEA approved the drug. The DEA approved Schedule II controlled drugs not only having high abuse potential it increases the risk of severe dependence-physically and psychologically. These drugs are illegal to use or sale without the prescription of concern doctor. There are also other drugs that require a valid prescription from a doctor like Adderall and Ritalin.

Vyvanse the Abuse stimulant medicine or drug

The stimulate drugs to target your brain and body, and it speeds up some process in your body. Vyvanse is one of the abuse stimulant medicine or a drug. This drug increases the blood pressure and heart rates in certain people. Vyvanse is abuse stimulant medicine because it creates the feeling of well-being and confidence, creates euphoria and these drugs also causes weight reduction as it suppresses person appetite. Some teens also abused by this stimulant because it makes them sleepless entire night for study.

The critical point here is that these drugs affect your entire body. Have you taken Vyvanse for the treatment purpose or otherwise? Then you go for the test how long does Vyvanse last in your system  shortly after taking its first dose.  There are various concepts about the Vyvanse dose and time it stay in your body. Here we have discussed the detail on how long does Vyvanse takes to kick in your system and what effects it will cause on your body while excreting from the body.

Effect of Vyvanse on the human body

You take any drug or medicine for your treatment. It does treat the problem, but these drugs have the certain bad effect or side effects on your body. The Vyvanse have side effects which you should know about it so that you are aware of the change which occurs due to the usage of Vyvanse.

Circulation and brain

When an individual takes the Vyvnase, we have discussed it will double the process of your central nervous system. Vyvanse is the amphetamine to alter the chemical balance of the brain, and it mainly affects the level of Non-epinephrine and Dopamine. Non-epinephrine (it is chemical in a body which acts as the neurotransmitter and stress hormones) and Dopamine it is a neurotransmitter, plays a vital role in transmitting the signal from one neuron to other) deal with the feeling of wellbeing, happiness, and pleasure. Since Vynase responsible for the stimulation of this chemical, individual become used to it. In ADHD, Vyvanse is the first drug of choice to improve focus, reduce hyperactivity and impulsivity. Individual who uses Vynase recreationally feel adverse effects like sleep disturbance, anxiety, and irritability. The main effect of this drug on the human body and brain includes the feeling of euphoria, focus and motivation and an apparent sense of self-confidence. The rare adverse effect of these drugs is paranoia, delusions, mania, hallucination, and panic attacks.

Digestive system

Vyvanse can also effect on individual digestive system

  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Stomachache
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Dry mouth

In the much individual sudden loss of appetite has also been noticed. It can also lead to sudden weight loss. It does not mean that you Vyvanse for weight reduction. In some cases, the use of Vyvanse leads to anorexia.

Effect on the reproductive system

This drug is contra-indicated for lactating mothers because the formula Amphetamines can exude from the breast milk. So it is advisable to mention your physician if you are a lactating mother.

The half-life of the Vyvanse

Let’s talk about the half-life of the Vyvanse Before stepping into the discussion how long does it take for Vyvanse to kick in or last the in the system we have to look for its half-life. What is half-life? The half-life of a drug is a time when the concentration of drug reduces to half. Mostly it takes five half-lives for all drugs, to excrete from the human body. The Vyvanse have short half-life than other drugs. The estimated or average half-life of this drug is almost one hour. But some studies also show that the half-life of Vyvanse is around 47 minutes. In short, it means it takes an hour or less than an hour to remove the half dose of Vyvanse from the human body. On the base of the half-life of this drug it shows it takes 4.3 hours or 5.5 hours to eliminate the one dose of Vyvanse from a body. The end product of metabolism (metabolites) takes 9 to the 11 hours to eliminate half of it. The metabolites can stay in the system up to 2 or 2 ½ days. All a parent drugs which mean metabolized in the body and its metabolites remove from a body in less than four days.

Factor those effects: how long does Vyvanse last:

Many people are taking the Vyvanse for one or another reason, but they stop taking it after sometimes or some reason, may be its adverse effects on the body, drug reaction or concern about their long-term effect on a system. But most of you are worried about, how long does Vyvanse last in your system or how much time your body will need to detoxify this product metabolites from the blood.

Everybody reacts differently to the same drugs. It is not compulsory that time it takes to reach peak level in blood is the same for each. It varies person to person. Let’s talk about metabolism. Some people have a fast metabolism, and some have low. So we cannot predict the exact time of how long does Vyvanse to last in your system or how long does it take Vyvanse to kick in your body.

Let’s talk about the factors which affect the Vyvanse. Many factors are important to study when discussing how long does Vyvanse last in the system or human body upon cessation. The elements which effects are the interaction of parent drug (Vyvanse) with other medicines which individual is taking, Vyvanse tolerance and how frequent you take Vyvanse, the dosage of the medication and individual factor.

It is a calmative pressure of these factors that may accelerate the clearance of the drug Vyvanse in one individual and delay the drug clearance from a body in another individual. So you cannot quote the right time of it’s the peak level and clearance time.

1.    individual factor:

How long does Vyvanse last in your system is depends upon the particular element? Let’s take one example if two individual takes the drug at the same time, duration, dosage and continue taking the medication for the same period. The average half-life of a drug differs in these two people. If we talk about Vyvanse, the average time this drug takes to eliminate from a body is three days. But the word average is not fit in each case. In some individual, the drug eliminates quicker ( by hours) as compared to other individual or a user. There are certain factors which influence the clearance rate of the drug (Vyvanse) from the body, these factors are:

  • Age of the individual
  • Gastrointestinal pH of a user
  • Renal function of a consumer
  • Body mass of a person

Let’s discuss how this factor influences the statement “how long does Vyvanse last in your system.”


Your age is indirectly proportioned to your metabolism. It means with the increase in the age of individual there is a decrease in the speed of metabolism. It is clear that the older person like 65 plus of age excretes a drug (Vyvanse) slower than younger adults and adolescents. According to some researches, the reason which they have revealed about delay excretion drug in an older patient is impaired renal function (kidney is not functioning correctly to clear the drug and its metabolites from blood). As younger adults and adolescents have healthy kidneys and nephrons, perform their function correctly. Reduced renal function in one sentence is the lower clearance of Vyvnase (specifically Dextroamphetamine metabolites), and it aids absorption of metabolites (harmful by-products) before clearance.

There are researches which show that the impaired renal function does not affect the excretion rate of Dextroamphetamine from the blood in the elderly patient. The specific cause of delayed excretion in seniors is still unknown. It might be due to the complex change in the physiology of a patient with an increase in age. It means if you’re under 65 or younger you can clear the metabolites of Vyvnase quickly than the elderly patient.

Body height, weight, and mass:

It is not clear yet whether the body mass of individual effects the clearance rate of Vyvanse. Are these factors determine “how long does Vyvanse take to last in your system?”  There are cases which show that greater an amount of the drug Vyvanse that is digested relatively to individual body mass results in delayed clearance of the drug. If an individual takes less dosage of Vyvanse as compared to body mass, it will metabolize quicker and excrete from a body.

If you’re the one who has increase body mass, weight, and height and taking the minimal dosage of Vyvanse like 30 mg then it will be metabolized in your body efficiently and excrete from a body as compare to person with reduce body mass, weight and height taking the same dosage that’s is 30 mg. It shows that your body has less exogenous chemical as compared to the body size. Vyvanse does not store in the body as fat; there is a hypothesis that the percentage of body fat has a slight effect on Vyvanse clearance rate.

Hydration and food intake:

How long does Vyvanse last in your system if these factors (food and hydration) effects it? You can take Vvaynse with or without food. But to some food interrupt in the absorption of Vyvanse in a bloodstream. Food affects its absorption efficiency than it means food effects the clearance time of Vyvanse from a system. But the effect food on clearance is negligible.

Do you know a large percentage of a Vyvanse excrete via urine? The hydration enhances the rate of excretion even you were dehydrated. The urinary rate flow directly affects the rate of drug excretion. If the individual is hydrated, the rate of clearance is double.

Kidney function:

We all know that the kidney is responsible for the excretion of drugs. The person with renal impairment (end-stage renal disease) tends to clear the Vyvanse at a slower rate as compared to a person with normal renal function. In case of impaired excretion the ingested dose of Vyvanse results in the accumulation of Dextroamphetamine, consequently, increase the half-life of a Vyvanse. (Also produce toxic results)

The individual with renal impairment is recommended to take the minimum dosage of this drug, so less burden of the kidney. The patient with renal impairment takes maximum dosage of 50mg.

Metabolic rates:

The Vyvanse is known as the drug which speeds up the individual’s metabolic rates, that is the reason why we have noticed we reduction in the person who takes Vyvanse. The person whose pre-medicate BMR is high means its metabolism is fast and increase the clearance rate. Basal line BMR is not making a massive difference in excretion, but little difference should be measured.

Gastrointestinal ph.

The pH level of an individual affects the bioavailability of Vyvanse also its absorption. Then GIT pH is highly Basic means increased amount of Vyvanse will absorb through a lipid- cell membrane. GIT is highly acidic means drugs stay in water-soluble state. It reduces the absorption of the cell via the lipid-cell membrane.

If GIT pH level affects the absorption of a drug, the urinary pH of an individual also has an effect on Vyvanse absorption and increase or decrease the absorption rate. Patient with acidic Ph (low pH) has high clearance rate as compared to the patient with basic pH (high pH). The half-life of drug Vyvanse can reduce to 8 hours if pH of urine is acidic, and the half-life is increased if between 16- 31 hours.


The enzyme in a red blood cell metabolizes the Vyvanse, and the metabolite of Vyvanse also undergoes the metabolism by different enzymes. As a result of the various enzymes in the metabolism of dextroamphetamine, the systematic clearance is prolonged because of simultaneous metabolism of other medicine or drug.

2. Dosage

Generally the increased dosage of Vyvanse, the higher a burden on the kidney for clearance of that drug. If you are taking 70 mg daily, it means you are taking the high amount of exogenous chemical that absorbs, metabolized and excreted from the body. Its mean there is a higher amount of metabolite of Vyvanse circulating in the blood.


As there is a large amount of dextroamphetamine, it is difficult for a kidney to excrete all the metabolite as kidney clear the set amount of metabolites from a body. In another word, more dextroamphetamine circulation in a body means its chances of reabsorption increases and the increase of Vyvanse half-life.


Taking a lower dose of the drug metabolizes, absorb and excrete quickly. Low dosage, reduce metabolites, reduce the number of metabolites and kidney will excrete the drug more efficiently. So now it is clear to you how long does Vyvanse last in your system if you take the low or high dosage of the drug.


2.    Vyvanse tolerance

In general, lessen the frequency of Vyanse intake, the less time your kidney take to eliminate the drug from the body. Some individuals take Vyvanse BD or OD. But there are individual who takes Vyvanse SOS (as per need) basis to reduce significant Vyvanse tolerance. The patient who is taking Vyvanse OD (once a day) consider as “reduce frequency “user as compared to the patient who takes Vyvanse twice a day or BD.

High-frequency patient accumulates more drugs in a kidney before the excretion than a healthy person. It is essential to understand the frequency of a drug and tolerance. More frequent usage of Vyvanse the weak body develops Vyvanse tolerance to high dosage results in an accumulation of Vyvanse and its metabolites within a system.

Low-frequency intake of Vyvanse results in reduces accumulation of the drug in a kidney. A person who takes Vyvanse once a week or twice a week do not develops Vyvanse tolerance. Lower frequency means quicker clearance of a drug from blood and reduces the half-life of the Vyvanse.

Now we have clearly understood how long Vyvanse does last in your system by above mention factors.

Let’s discuss how long Vyvanse does last in …

They are some test by which we can detect how long Vyvanse does last in urine, saliva, hair, and blood.

Urine test:

Presence of amphetamine in the urine: this chemical is detectable in the blood up to 3 days after taking Vyvanse. But some patient eliminates Vyanse drug more quickly than other because of urinary pH.

Hair test:

There is one more test to find out that have you ingested the drug Vyvanse in past months?  You cannot detect dextroamphetamine (the metabolite of Vyvanse) immediate after its ingestion. It shows up in the hair after one week

Saliva test:

The metabolite dextroamphetamine does not stay in saliva as long as in urine. Vyvanse last in your salvia up 48 hours and it is detectable in the saliva within 48 hours.

Blood test:

There is a short detection window for the detection of Vyvanse in the blood because you are unable to detect dextroamphetamine after 24 hours.

Are you trying to eliminate Vyvanse from your body than we have discussed how long does Vyvanse last in your system? Majority of individual or patient expect complete clearance of drug from the body within several days of final dose.

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