How to adjust Grapplearts BJJ rearguards so they fit properly and are comfortable when you’re grappling. These earguards can be purchased on Amazon here:



  1. Any other tips for preventing cauliflower ears Stephan? I tape mine if I have no earguards a use anti-inflamation gel, I would like to know your take on that.

  2. I cant compare them to any other brand; as this has been my very first pair. I am about a month into using your earguards and LOVE that they are saving my ears… I just started having problems with my left ear (i have drained it 5/6 times). Now my ear is no longer giving me any problems and it has even deflated. My ear is not perfectly perfect, but I am definitely holding off on visiting the plastic surgeon! Just wished I made this purchase 6 months ago!


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