Yo ninja fledglings! I’m the net ninja and I want to welcome to you this HTML tutorial for beginners course! In this video we’ll look at everything we’ll be covering in this course, from setting up a web page to creating HTML lists, links images and other cool things.

I hope you enjoy this course as much as me :).

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  1. need to know nothing but some english 😉
    newcomer in English, like me, your presentation of the material is easy to perceive by ear.

  2. Need Help..I was practising's my index.html files's code . The problem is that in the right section I've created hyperlink for lesson' when i click lesson 2 it show's lesson 2 but also some portion of the lesson 1 player in the top and some of lesson 3 in bottom ..I want a whole page for each lesson but player size will be same…can you help me with that?


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