In this html lesson we’ll go over how to create links to other pages, downloads and page sections using the anchor tag.

There’s 4 types of links we can create:

1. Internal Links
2. External Links
3. Download Links
4. Reference/Anchor Links


  1. good video … however I can't seem to find any clear teaching on using flags, tags, bookmarks, id's from an external reference …. for example if I want to give someone a specific marker to a place holder deep down in a webpage, an anchor used to be able to do that .., now all the references I see on anchors are about using 'within' the same page. Does HTML 5 no longer allow simply extending the URL reference to 'include' the bookmark at the end when given as an external link?

  2. Hi, thanks a lot for these nice introduction-videos,
    in this video you mentioned to place a $-sign in front of the name of the href to navigate in the page, I experienced it has to be a #, can you explain why this is so?


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