Yo Ninjas, in this HTML lesson we’ll be sharpening our ID and Class skills in the HTML document. ID’s and Classes in HTML are an important part of segmenting content and allow us access to those segments via CSS and JavaScript.

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  1. Hey Shaun, so guess I'm doing things a bit backwards, having started the JS tutorials first, but not to worry. Anyway, lovin the tutorials, but I'm still a bit confused. I don't quite understand in the example you provided why you couldn't have just as well used classes as identifiers instead of ID's. Yeah I get that there's only one about us div but what's the difference between writing the syntax: class="about-us" or ID="about-us"? As for as CSS is concerned both get the job done, yeah?

  2. I'm halfway into your series and I'd just like to say that I haven't come across such concise and easy to understand HTML tutorials. Every other video I've watched has, even when good quality, been over 30 minutes and is way too draining, especially when I've forgotten something and I need to go find the exact time the creator mentions this particular thing..

    Keep it up.

  3. hello sir

    thank you so much for this video it really help me understand HTML…
    i am a beginner of html and css sir.. i need your help sir. I want you to check my code…
    may i ask sir if where can send the code or talk to you online sir… kindly add me on skype sir cyjohnpogs….
    thank you so much


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