Yo my coding ninja fledglings, in this HTML lesson for beginners we’ll dive into adding some JavaScript into our HTML web page. JavaScript controls the interactivity of our web pages and can be added in a variety of ways to HTML.

We add JavaScript to HTML by using the script tag in the head of body, by referencing an external script file, or by adding some in-line scripting onto tags themselves.

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  1. Make sure when you type the code, type "onclick" not "oneclick" like i did, took me forever to figure out that was the problem lol

  2. Hi Ninja! Placing the script tag either in the head tag or body tag works the same way for me. The page is rendered by the time the alert pops up in both cases. Can you please explain why?

  3. Hi there, may i know why i cant add another link like u does in 7:36 ? It says that my file is not found. Im using notepad to creates html and im still new to this :).


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