HUGE WrestleMania 34 match scrapped by WWE and more in this WrestleTalk News from Dec. 2017
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WWE have scrapped WrestleMania match with Conor McGregor, via Wrestling News World –

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  1. What if right they are gonna do the first woman’s royal rumble and have the four horsewomen be in the rumble and that sparks the feud with the wwe four horsewomen and then boom we have a four on four tag team match for wrestlemania

  2. Rhonda will most likely take on Stephanie or Charlotte.

    However here's a thought what if she broke Asuka's Streak? After all it was a UFC Fighter who conquered Undertaker's famous streak. It created a lot of buzz and shocked the world. Who's to say Vince wont try to shock us again with another former UFC Fighter.

    As for The Rock. I can't believe we haven't had a Rock vs Orton yet. In fact as far as I can recall the closest thing we've ever had was a 2 on 3 handicap match at WM. (I forgot which one but it was Rock N Sock vs Flair, Batista, Orton. Rock vs Randy Orton is something I would love to see happen.

  3. 4:07 = ARLINGTON, not Dallas!!! Wrestlemania 32 was in ARLINGTON, not in Dallas!!! I remember being there at the big show & every single time the talent or ring announcers said Dallas, there were tons of annoyed fans yelling back This Ain't Dallas!!!

  4. Sure of course its his first sick day in years. If thos was a regular job who wouldn't call in. Talking about wrestling is fun. Going to work and getting yelled at by some boss person is not fun.


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