AJ Styles Responds To Fan Who Tweeted Rumor
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  1. That's very interesting news Sean thanks for posting this video and keeping all of us up today I am a big suscriber to your Channel I have the notification Bell turned on so I get all of your new videos when they appear and I really appreciate what you're doing thank you and I gave you 5 thumbs up for what you're doing that's actually good news about the WWE Smackdown live I wished it would go three hours long and I wish they would bring back the big fist up by the Titantron that would be awesome but none-the-less whatever the big change is it's probably going to be a good one cuz WWE always goes all out and all the way they don't usually sugarcoat anything thanks again Sean for all that you do 5 thumbs up to this video and I recommend anyone subscribing to this channel everyone should👍👍👍👍👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  2. This is the first video where you didn't use your catchphrase in a long time..its cool that you told us the details only. I'm a fan and I get your notices daily..keep it up but know that your fans are here

  3. Keep on hustling keep on digging deep because Sean is doing an excellent job and being idealistic on the reports. Am hopeful if smackdown can turn up the backstage story upside upwards rather upside downwards. This can apparently become the most dire hard must-see show to anticipate. Make WWE perform at it's finest gimmicks for wrestlers.😉


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