Our host, Alan Franklin introduces this week’s main event match between Ida Mae Martinez and Terry Majors. Based out of Los Angeles, this syndicated program traveled around the country via Kinescopes in the early days of television. The match took place at Memorial Hall in Independence, MO. Ida Mae was one of the top wrestler’s of the 1950’s and was a favorite at the Cauliflower Alley Club reunions for many years. Terry Majors was another top wrestler and was also married to Jesse James, a very good and famous wrestler in his own right. There’s lots of action and fun to watch, it may change your mind about women’s wrestling.

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  1. I loved Ida Mae Martinez on the 2004 documentary lipstick & dynamite about the history of women's wrestling, she was a great women's wrestler. I was amazed that later on in years after her pro wrestling career, she went back to school to be a nurse and she eventually became a legit nurse. she was the nurse to some of the first Aids patients during the tragic Aids epidemic that was killing gay men in the early 1980's. She became friends with them and hugged them and really treated them like human beings when people were very homophobic and hated gay PEOPLE and rejected them well dying of aids, family kicked them out and rejected them and they died of aids alone with no family just the nurses, people afraid of touching them and neglected and treated inhumane… she really cared and touched them without fear and befriended them when the world rejected them including their families who denounced them…she treated them and watched them die. but was there to be there friend and someone to talk too…bless her for that. she was a extraordinary women to show compassion back in those sad toxic days. RIP Ida Mae Martinez.

  2. I  had the opportunity to work with Ida Mae in the jail and prison systems in Baltimore and Jessup Maryland.  We also went to Karaoke to different places each week, and she gave me the confidence to sing in public.  She was truly a gifted and versatile performer!  RIP Ida!

  3. Excellent professional girl wrestling match the ladies' attire, styles and skills!! A fantastic reminder of the true Golden Age of Women's Wrestling!!  Many thanks for your uploads!!!!


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