Another great episode of International Wrestling is up for your enjoyment. This week’s show from 1986 features a good opening tag team with four of the most underrated workers of the ’80s, Richard Charland & Frenchy Martin vs. Ron Ritchie & Gino Brito Jr., plus lots more great action and interviews. This is a complete episode from the Toronto CityTV feed, so expect to see lots of retro commercials. Featured on this show:

Richard Charland & Frenchy Martin vs. Gino Brito Jr. & Ron Ritchie
Steve Strong vs. Jeff Gripley
Strong int.
Tom Zenk vs. Ludger Proulx
Dan Kroffat & Zenk int.
Man Mountain Moore vs. Jim Londos (This is definitely NOT the original Jim Londos, this guy was a northeastern-based worker who also jobbed on some of the Atlantic City AWA tapings in 1985
Rick Martel int.
Samu Video, Floyd Creatchman promo,
Eddie Creatchman, Bill Irwin, & Bull (Danny) Johnson int.
Rick Martel vs. Diamond Jim (Steve Strong challenges
Bob Dellaserra int.



  1. These were great days to be a wrestling fan…didn't have cable, but I could still see Crockett, the UWF and the AWA on one channel in Ann Arbor, thisd promotion from the CBC channel in Windosr and the WWF on 2-3 channels in Detroit, ICW syndicated into Toledo and if the weather was clear, WCCW from Cleveland.

  2. I met Steve Strong 3 times in 1986 at Gold's Gym(where I frequented to hound the wrestlers) in Sudbury ON. They were all nice but Steve was one of the nicer ones who remembered me and signed 5 pics. and posed with me for a pic. during his heel run. Check out his feud with Abdullah. Yes it was slow and methodic but effective for its purpose. I saw them at the Sudbury Arena brawling all over the venue.


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