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  1. The Undertaker should stay retired. He might end up suffering a serious injury if his retirement isn't permanent. John Cena and The Undertaker have both beaten each other and faced each other so there's no reason to continue that rivalry. John Cena beat The Undertaker on SmackDown in 2003 and during the 2007 No Way Out Pay-Per-View in a tag team match while The Undertaker beat him cleanly during the 2003 Vengeance Pay-Per-View. I don't want to see the guy wind up in a wheelchair so he should just enjoy the rest of his life and his retirement. The Undertaker is already better than John Cena and his career which spanned from 1984 – 2017 would prove this fact.

  2. It would be a bad idea to bring taker back to face cena at mania just to lose like really this is what it's going come to ? Taker going come back every year and lose at Mania now ? Like please Taker don't come back u left on the best terms u could leave in man don't ruin it more then u have u had the perfect send off u not going get a another one like that trust me fan's now and days are disrespectful they was kinda disrespectful when taker lost to Brock at Mania 30

  3. If he wrestles another mania, then what was the point of the awkward strip tease? Kind of like mania 32 when he left his gloves in the ring and people thought he was done but he came back for the rumble and mania. He should be done, he should have retired at 20-0 or at least 21-1. While Taker is still a huge draw, its not quite the same now that the streak was broken. Its not as big of a deal as it use to be. I just hope Taker stays retired and thats that. No big retirement segment, no speeches, just give me the Hall of Fame and a new Taker DVD, because lets face it, WWE loves doing DVDs for new Hall of Famers ex. Scott Hall, Sting. And a complete recap of Taker's career would probably be the highest selling WWE DVD of all time. Just please Taker, please stay retired and let us remember you for the good moments and stop creating bad ones. Its not his fault but he needs to tell Vince he is done. Period.

  4. For Gods sake just let Undertaker retire. His exit at Wrestlemania 33 was poignant and had an air of finality to it. Moreover, 'Taker just didn't look good. John Cena VS Undertaker at Wrestlemania is about 5-years too late. At least.

  5. If Taker does come back at next years WM I hope he gets a see you next year chant during his 'emotional' departure from the ring. Can't keep playing with the fans emotions and expecting to get genuine reactions from them.

  6. Gosh the cena cockriding up in here is sickening.
    Strowman, a YOUNG, promising, monster HEEL, should get the intended HEEL heat by retiring the undertaker, and the well deserved rub based on his talent, it also builds for the future, the cena option's even worse than reigns (albeit in the long run not as self desctructive as having reigns do i)t, cena is FUCKING TRASH, all his moves are sloppy af, he might permanently handicap taker, but then again IRL even a paraplegic taker could whoop his ass. .

  7. I get that people want 'Taker to return and go out with a win at WrestleMania and as the American Bad Ass… I don't. I love The Undertaker more than anyone, but the way he went out at 'Mania this year was the perfect send off. The American Bad Ass character is done. It was buried in 2003 and should remain buried.

  8. As much as I would like to see Taker back in the ring. I'm almost 100% sure he's done. Hasn't he already had the hip replacement? Not sure why he would go ahead and have it done if he didn't plan on hanging up the boots for good.


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