Wrestling believer



  1. Well, it's true! For me and a lot of other Wrestling fans out there it is still real to me! Fuck u haters 4 ridiculing Wrestling for sayin' dat it's fake or etc…
    cuz it is fake, I know dat but it entertains me & dat is wut matters! And if y'all still wanna say dat it's fake and down it for dat reason then I've got somethin' 2 say 2 U! YES IT IS FAKE, SO IS MOST ART CREATED BY MAN AND SO IS MY INTREST IN U AS A PERSON, OH & BTW HAVE U EVAH TRIED PLASTIC SURGURY, AND BY DAT I MEAN PUTTIN' A PLASTIC BAG OVER UR HEAD!

  2. On one hand, as a wrestling fan, I honestly admire this guys passion for the business. These guys really do break their bodies for our entertainment and the fact that he recognizes and appreciates it as much as he does resonates with me. On the other hand, chill out dude, it's gonna be okay

  3. This would be hilarious if it didn't seem like this dude was dealing with a legitimate crisis and this was a resulting emotional outburst. When you're emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed it doesn't take much to send you into a nosedive. The stupidest and most inexplicable shit can fuck your shit all the way up.

    i guess its still funny lol. i just feel bad for the guy.


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