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  1. You should mention here that if you declare an array with const, you can change it by pushing values to that array. like so:
    const myArray = ['Alex', 'Car'];

    In that case the result will be: ['Alex', 'Car', 'Bike']

  2. Thank you for your tutorials!

    I have some problem , the browser can't execute my code right.
    When I type: console.log("The area is: " + pi + r + r);
    I receive: The area is: 3.14255

    But, when I type without string in the console, everithing is going well:
    console.log(pi + r + r);
    I receive: 13.142

    The browser I use is Chrome Canary. I repeated every step you showed me.

    the code:

    window.onload = function() {
    const pi = 3.142;

    function calcArea(r) {
    console.log("The area is: " + pi + r + r); // the problem is here, it gives 'pi' as output



    Please help

  3. Hi Ninja,
    I like your lessons. But its really difficult to see the code you are writing it very small on my laptop plus looks slightly blur. Please zoom in on your code.

  4. can you help me because whenever i open brackets and try to launch the index.html it says open an html file or make sure there is and index.html file in your project. thanks


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