Hey guys, welcome to your 2nd JavaScript tutorial for beginners. In this lesson we’ll take a quick look at what JavaScript actually is, and how it differs from other programming languages.

JavaScript is what’s known as a client-side language, meaning it runs on your computer and not on a web server. There are exceptions to this (e.g. with Node.js) but this is generally the case. Other programming languages such as PHP, run on the server and are called server side languages.

JavaScript is also a scripting language. This essentially means it is limited in functionality – but this is the way it was made, intentionally! It’s primary purpose is to add functionality and interactivity to websites, such as banner sliders, zoom-galleries, drag and drop etc.


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  1. You know what's going on guys you're watching Java script full begin as a lesson to what is Java script that's coming up. Morris a Java script is one of the 3 call I would use of websites. Now the first one is hasty now we've already seen that you control the structure of your web page via hasty about socks. Second one east CSS. And this is more to do with the presentation and design of your website so you can change colors or change the layout of your hips to Mao in CSS. On the third one is Java script and Java script is responsible for adding additional behavior and instructive it's it's your website to make it more interesting so say for example you want a website with a gallery on and in the gallery you want users to be able to click to zoom in and out of fuel and energies. If you wanted to do not then you my friends would probably need Java script to do it. Now a javascript is a scripting language and many programmers will just did she got it as a scripting language not a programming language and I thought they mean it's intentionally limits it does not the same features as all the programming languages such as C. shops he plus plus what Java in that it can't communicate with databases directly all 5 systems on a computer among other things. However it's intended purpose was to art interactivity and to manipulate web pages and for that my friends it's magnificent. Now javascript is a client side language and essentially what that means is that it runs on your computer in your browser okay so when you type in a URL into your browser that communicates with a set that it gets the information from the server which brings it but your computer in the browser then displays it's you in the form of a web page and that my friends is a combination of HTML CSS and probably Java script so all of those 3 run on your browser on your computer that's what's meant by a client's site language. This is different from all the programming languages such as ruby on rails PHP and ask people that they'll run on a server so if you go to a website running one of these technologies you'll tightening around communicate with the server the code will run on the set up and send the results of that coats your web browser wakes displayed in a web page. So javascript his client side well the programming language he's hot set aside. I would say also not to rely on Java script and functionality website now imagine you had a website and it sold items online. If you were to add some kind of behavior to that website which rely on Java script for example a user could in other knights into the shopping basket without jobs script enabled then that website is not very good you wanna make a website is going to be accessible to everyone regardless of whether they're using Java script or not so make it without Java script first make sure it runs completely fine on its own and that out Java script to a sweet not magic torch on the update interactivity. And finally I I'm gonna say this javascript is no on has nothing to do with Java. Java is a completely separate language and Java script is just a name that was given to it while jobs that was really popular so he jumped on the bandwagon deficient have javascript is acting script but we always that's we ask Java script. So that's about it for this introduction to Java script hope now you got a broad view of what it is and what it can do and the next lesson we're going to stop using it to create off the last job script program I'll see you guys at. She.

  2. You are making nice tutorials, But Your Presentation slides are also very nice, Can you make a video series for creating nice presentation slide ,like u make

  3. I love that the leading ad for every video is "you need a website…" Yeah, no kidding, but why would I want to buy that feature when I'm learning to do it myself? 😀

  4. I'm so happy that you use Bootstrap. BS is what I first trained on when learning HTML and CSS. So many tutorials use Sublime, or other text editors and it just makes me feel left out. :-/

  5. Really good tutorial man. Many thanks! Only to inform, Javascript can run in the server side too, through nodeJS!

  6. Thanks for making Javascript vids. Im actually a student on treehouse but I still love using different resources to learn anything. So thanks again!


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