Hey ninja’s, glad you decided to take the JavaScript train and join me on this epic journey of JavaScript tutorials for beginners. We’ll be covering all the basics, and certainly enough to get you up and running making your own JavaScript programs for your websites.

If you need to cacth up on HTML or CSS first, check out my playlists below:

HTML for Beginners –

CSS for Beginners –

Brackets can be found @

And you can download Chrome @


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  1. As a retired teacher trying to learn coding I have to agree with previous comments. Your delivery and explanation are excellent and should be made compulsory viewing in schools. It helps that you are from 'up north' despite being on the wrong side of the Pennines. I have two queries if I may? 1. In what order would you suggest I watch your videos. 2. I create free educational activities for schools from 'free' code snippets I have found on the web which I then 'adapt'. I need help with some coding issues I have but am intimidated by some of the petty points scoring on 'Stackoverflow' and the like. Do you know of a user friendly forum where I can ask for help? Thanks and keep up the excellent work.

  2. Nice tutorials. You explain very clearly.
    Just one thing I'd like to do. Is there a way to change the text of the button so it shows after the transition has completed?

  3. Your energy is what makes you different and awesome.
    Even when I am lazy, listening to your voice energize me to start coding right away.

  4. Tanks, for giving great knowledge of Javascript.
    I've no idea of Javascript before . but After watching this tutorial I got the concept and get started with Javascript.

  5. This channel is epic. Love the ninja sounds as I consider myself a ninja.samurai in my past life. Haha! Well let's hope my journey to Javascript will be fruitful with your playlist! I come from C and python So I am hoping this will be fun!

  6. Ready for this one after reviewing HTML with you and learning about CSS, on my way to doing AngularJS.

    You do a great job of explaining and showing how to do things. Keep trucking, man.


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