Hey ninjas, welcome to your 3rd JavaScript for beginners tutorial!

It’s customary that when you learn a new programming language, that the first program you write in that language is the timeless ‘Hello, World!’ classic! So that’s exactly what we’ll be doing in this lesson.

No need to pay attention to the details here, I just want to show you how easy it is to implement JavaScript in your web pages.


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  1. Net ninja you're the man! best coding tutorial videos out there on net hands down. Clear, comprehensive, well organized,
    polished and just straight up awesome… deserve a medal for the service you have done my friend.

    One small favor; do you suppose you could put up downloadable PDF's or powerpoints with the summary slides you have at the end …so I could have cheat sheets I can refer to ?

  2. Hey NetNinja, fantastic tutorials. Have learned so much from your channel. Have you got any playlists that you take a website from start to finish? Just showing how it all works? Thanks!

  3. may i ask, when i go to preview, the alert didn't write [ javascript alert:hello world ] but it write for example : [ The page at 127.0.0 ….. says: hello World ]. and when using external file for test.js the alert didn't appear. is there something plug in or anything else i have to install before go trough javascript. thank u.


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