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  1. clan you clarify when to use each (if, else, else if). I've seen a tutorial where he used all if statements so I was wondering why are else statements needed if we can use all ifs? thank-you in advance

  2. so how come it would not bring up that you were over 10 as well? The statement was true. wasnt it? it was over 20 and it was over 10.

  3. One thing i'm not clear on from this vid:
    To get to the final else statement, must all three conditions be false (myAge !> 30 AND !> 20 AND !> 10) or are the conditions evaluated with OR (myAge !>30 OR !>20 OR !>10) .
    In other words, what would happen if you reversed the order of the first three conditions. Would I only get "You are over 10!" for all cases of myAge > 10?


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