Yo Ninjas, in this JavaScript tutorial for beginners, I’ll be walking you through what the DOM is and how we use it to interact with our web pages.

The DOM stands for Document Object Model and in technical terms, is an application programming interface. But what that really means is that we can use the DOM to go into our HTML code and ‘grab’ hold of elements (nodes) and then alter them via JavaScript.

If you have any questions about the DOM, fire away 🙂


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  1. finally a normal explanation online, i tried reading a lot about the DOM but no one bothered to explain what each word means, like document equals web page, and objects equals each element of the page, thanks for your effort, and love your accent

  2. I think that this here should have had a separate playlist. The DOM is just so massive in terms of content and methods that you can call on the nodes, etc.

  3. So would it be correct to say that by using CSS animations/transitions and pseudo classes such as :hover, you are also manipulating the DOM?

  4. Hi Shawn, can you please make a full tutorial on DOM? Or video # 32 to #44 from the JS for beginners pretty much covers the DOM? Since you mentioned that being a Front End Dev yourself, you use the DOM full on, I thought there is no better person to ask then you. If you have no time or above mentioned videos covers it then can you please suggest some sites or reading on DOM please. I am starting a boot camp next month and want to get ready for it.
    Thank you so much for all your time and thoughts and headaches etc that went into all these SUPER AWESOME videos…!!!

  5. dude I am late to the party but man I gotta tell you, your lessons are freakin awesome…!!! You are in my top 5 Ytube's dev video tutorials….THANKS A ZILLION DUDE…!


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