Hey ninjas, thanks for watching this JavaScript for beginners tutorial playlist. I hope you’ve come some way to learning JavaScript! But there’s still tonnes more stuff to cover…

In the future we’ll be learning all about different JavaScript libraries such as jQuery, Modernizr and maybe MooTools.

In addition, I’ll be making playlists on other advanced JavaScript topics such as AJAX and Regular Expressions.

Stay tuned for more :).


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  1. Outstanding video course, thanks Shaun!

    Subscribed to the channel, going to check out some other content soon. Cheers from the US.

  2. Great series – thanks so much for helping us all learn! I really like how you used the console/Chrome Dev Tools to show what the code was doing – very helpful.

  3. Thanks a lot sir. Even though some of the stuff was too easy for me, I'm sure they were a lot of help to beginners! Learned a lot regardless. Keep it up! On to the next tutorial series!

  4. Thnaks for all , best beginnerseries i have ever watched, will jump into the advanced once i have mastered the basics you have learned me here!

  5. This is my third course after completing HTML and CSS. Thank you so much for helping and sharing the knowledge. Please make a series on Advanced JavaScript which covers Regular Expressions & advanced validation, Object Oriented JS.

  6. Thanks for the awesome course! I'm hoping you'll actually do videos on creating some projects so we can see the stuff we learned in use and how it all works together.

  7. As already mentioned several times, but worth repeating, he is not just knowledgeable, but is also an excellent teacher. This is of course true on all of the videos and different subject matter.

  8. Thanks Man, Finally i reached and finished this Javascript Lesson of yours, Pretty cool huh, Great job (y)
    you earned my subscription,

  9. This whole programing thing its endless!! First html, then css, then js, then jquery ….. And I still have no idea about backended…..I feel like you need to watch how everything works before starting to practice.Thanks a lot Net Ninja !

  10. I find no other channels are better than this. Thank you so much Mr. Pelling. I finished watching all your 46 vids in just a day.


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